How to Properly Set up Subwoofers in a Home Theater Setting

If you don’t want to hire a professional to install your home theater system, you will have to do a lot of work. However, don’t be afraid because most systems can be set up quite easily. Unfortunately, some homes are not designed for running speaker wires and therefore you will have to put in a fair amount of cables. As long as you keep attention to which cables are connected to which speakers then you can easily figure out which cables to connect to which output of your AV receiver. As always, make sure the polarity of the cables is set correctly. Otherwise you will experience distortion or a strange effect.

wireless loudspeakers

I’m not going to discuss the basics of setting up speakers. Obviously you will have to put the right speaker in its right location. I will mostly focus on setting up the subwoofer. You will have to understand that human years can easily distinguish the …

How to Install an Audio Transmitter

Audio transmitters are designed to eliminate the number of audio cables in order to transmit music. Many people nowadays use Bluetooth for streaming music. Bluetooth is a standard which is supported by many portable devices such as cell phones and tablets. However, Bluetooth has several disadvantages.

First of all, the operating range is fairly limited. Class-one Bluetooth transmitters usually can only reach devices which are within 30 feet. For achieving larger transmission distance, a dedicated transmitter is required. In addition, Bluetooth is only designed for streaming to a single receiver. For streaming to multiple receivers, a proprietary technology is needed.

Fortunately, there are some companies on the market which cell transmitters. However, even though using wireless transmitters usually simplifies the installation, there still some things to consider. First of all, the operating range is not unlimited regardless of how good the transmitter is.

That means that ideally the transmitter should be fairly close to the receiver. …

Some Tips for Making Wireless Speakers Weatherproof

Electronic products such as wireless speakers are usually not able to with stand harsh outdoor conditions. In fact, the majority of electronic devices are typically used indoors. Therefore, vendors of these products typically don’t have to worry too much about their products surviving harsh weather conditions. That is reflected in the price which has dropped tremendously recently for Bluetooth speakers is well as other electronic products. However, if you do want to install speakers outside of your house then you will have to take provisions for ensuring a long lifespan.

In order for speakers to survive whether they have to be designed for outdoor conditions from the ground up. That means that in the enclosure there should be no small cracks through which water can leak inside speaker. Also, the material has to be weatherproof. Typically plastic does an adequate job in terms of resisting moisture. Medium density fiberboard which is a material that is typically …

Some Tips for Installing a Surround Sound System

I recently set up some surround speakers and following my experience I would like to share some of my thoughts about the process. Installing surround speakers may seem like a daunting task depending on your setup. However, in my case my living room in which I was setting up the speakers was not that big. The only issue was me having to run wires along one wall in my room. In particular, I had to run the wires for the two of you speakers as well as wires for the video feeds to my projector.

I have the video projector mounted to the rear wall so I needed to provide for a link between the projector and my video source which is located in front of the room. Obviously, connecting the subwoofer as well as connecting the front speakers was fairly easy. Since my home theater receiver only provides BNC outputs, you had to attach BNC …

How to Make Technology Fun

Follow these tips in order to enjoy technology. In fact, I have dedicated this entire block to help you navigate some of the technology jargon that you will find on the web. Using this block, you will get some background about tech gadgets as well as very useful products. Some of this information you can also find on other websites while in addition I will also offer some insider tips which I have compiled from personal experience.

Obviously, many people hesitate when it comes to purchasing audio products or any type of consumer electronics product. The fact is that many products nowadays are in fact small computers. This is a radical transformation from traditional appliances. In fact, classic appliances such as a refrigerator or washing machine nowadays typically would include some basic network connectivity and also a small computer in order to not only streamline the user interface but also enable several functions which were not …